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Feb 25
Nice work David Albertson!

Nice work David Albertson!

Because of the generosity of Albertson Design, we are packing for TED this AM!

Because of the generosity of Albertson Design, we are packing for TED this AM!

Because of the generosity of Albertson Design, we’re packing for TED this AM!

Because of the generosity of Albertson Design, we’re packing for TED this AM!

Feb 23


Nov 7


Flowers, puppies, and sunshine: here are some snapshots from Angie’s Fall 2012 promo shoot.  With the help of food stylist Fanny Pan, prop stylist Lara Ritch, and floral designer Kiana Underwood, the shoot was full of beautiful details and rich colors.

Stay tuned for finished promo photos later in the week!

Aug 13

Working with Field Scout over the past couple years has been a privilege, but sometimes photos alone can’t convey the subtle nuances that make a brand memorable.  For their Spring/Summer 2013 line, we collaborated with creative director Ryan Hartman during our photo shoot to make a video that would communicate some of the ideas behind the clothing.  

In this video, Ryan discusses what has inspired him throughout the process of building an identity with Field Scout and using it as a tool to develop a nonverbal language with his clothing that communicates confidence and independence.  Hearing Ryan speak so passionately about his clothing reminds us that every day we spend working towards our creative goals is a day well spent.

If you haven’t already, check out their website for a list of retail locations where you can scoop up some pieces from their new line. 

Aug 7

Our TV spot for Snack Pack pudding cups has been making its way around the airwaves. As of last weekend, this commercial has been getting primetime attention on a host of major networks. So the next time you’re snuggled up with your cats, watching the time-delayed Olympics coverage or reruns of Project Runway, keep your eyes peeled for our television debut!

Aug 2

Cao Studio is Packed in a Pudding Cup

We’ve been working many tireless nights on an animation project for Snack Pack, and we’re ready to reveal it to the blog world.  Take a peek at the Snack Pack website to see our animated pudding cups on their front page, and join us as we throw our jazz hands in the air with excitement.  

Think we’re done bragging?  No way.  Be on the lookout next week for more Cao Studio animation snippets for Snack Pack!  

Jul 10

Sometimes we work in the cold cave of our studio, and sometimes we slather ourselves in SPF 100 sunscreen and head to San Rafael for a location photo/video/CGI shoot.  Our RED Scarlet was flying, cameras were snapping, and Howard was barking demands in a very Miranda Priestly/The Devil Wears Prada kind of way as he directed the set.  

After a hard day’s work, our ears were tickled with the sound of ice cream truck music dancing down the street, and our Pavlovian response had us marching straight towards the sugar.  We finished packing away all our gear and rewarded ourselves with some Batman and Ninja Turtle ice cream.  We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect ending to the day.

As we crank through the post production with the alchemists at Sugar Digital, we grow more and more excited about showing you what we’ve been working on.  Keep your eyes peeled for updates!

Jul 3

Angie has some new behind the scenes photos on her blog from her recent shoot in Piedmont.  If you don’t follow her blog already, do it!


We love when a job brings us out of the studio and into the sunshine and summer air.  We just finished shooting a project at a house in Piedmont with prop stylist Daniele Maxwell.  With a house as pretty as that, wouldn’t you be happy to go to work too?

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